Ten Steps to Realtor Partner Success

In today’s real estate market it becomes even more critical for homes to stand out online and have a modern, model home look that buyers have grown to expect.  Clearly the home that looks beautiful inside and online will obtain offers over the ones that fall short.  As a listing agent, you want to have the reputation for always getting the best price for clients. 

Staging is the key but how specifically does it benefit you as an agent?  Understanding all the benefits of staging will help you communicate and incorporate staging better in your presentation. Here are “Ten Steps to Partner Success” which details the actions and benefits to your business by incorporating a professional home stager into your listing package:

1.  Gives You More Control – That’s right.  Here’s a common scenario for you, the seller may desire a certain dollar amount for the home but you know that unless some changes are made, the seller won’t get it.  By incorporating the first step in the home staging process, a Staging Consultation, you are controlling more of the outcome of the sale.  Our “Realtor Partner Programs” are stair stepped in cost, so it’s very easy to incorporate a basic level of service on a budget. 

2.  Gives You Credibility and Differentiation- When you bring in “experts” who do this for a living it adds to your own credibility.  Would you seem credible if you also appraised and inspected the homes that you sold?  No, it waters down your expertise because people know you can’t be an expert in everything!  When you’re focused on your own field of interest and outsource to professionals it gives you added credibility in what you’re good at – selling homes!

3.  Protects Your Relationship and Listing - You have to have a strong client relationship that gets you through the entire escrow process.  Home staging is a form of constructive criticism that sometimes addresses hard, personal issues like smell and cleanliness.  Your clients EXPECT a professional stager to instruct them on these issues but are not completely comfortable with you as their Realtor doing this.

4. Gives You Home Seller “Buy-In” – In the NAR  2017 Profile of Sellers, over half of home sellers undertook a home improvement or remodeling project before selling the home.  According to a Maritz Research Poll, 79% of home sellers are willing to spend up to $5,000 to get their house ready to sell.  During the staging process with a Professional Home Stager they will understand the difference staging can make in their home, have a list of necessary purchases to make to complete each room, and have a list of important cosmetic improvements (paint, electrical, etc.) they will want to quickly do in order to maximize their return on investment if they so choose.

5. Is A LOT Less Expensive Than You Think – I offer Realtor Partner Packages that start as low as a simple Staging Consultation which will usually result in a day of staging (paid by the now engaged seller), gorgeous photos of prepared rooms for your online marketing campaign, and an Action Plan for the seller to do more to make their home desirable.  This means greater returns and a faster sale.  Why?  Because a Professional Home Stager is trained to engage the home seller in the staging process, educating them on disassociating from their home and seeing through “buyer’s eyes” right in the beginning during the Staging Consultation.  This is incredibly motivating to your sellers who now want their product to compete and sell! 

6. Greatly Improves Your Outside Marketing Campaign - The money you spend on marketing the home on the outside will be twice as effective when you have photos of beautifully staged rooms (with updated accessories) vs. photos done on the fly. With over 90% of home buyers searching the Internet FIRST, it’s critical that your home marketing photos be outstanding and have impact.  

7. Gives You Industry Status - According the NAR, Realtors are more likely to take their clients to homes that have been professionally staged rather then not.  When you have a reputation for listing move-in ready homes marketed specifically to buyers, agents will want to show them!  In a cyclical industry it helps to have a quality listing reputation.

8. Makes You Sell Listings Faster – Buyers have MANY home choices in today’s market, so what home do you think they will make an offer on, a staged or un-staged home in the same price range?  Home staging specifically markets each room in the home to a potential homebuyer’s emotion, which results in offers.  Statistically, professionally staged homes sell 50% faster than homes that have not been professionally staged.  Buyers want a home that is turnkey ready; home staging gives them what they’re looking for.

9. Give You More Money - Home staging is not rocket science but pure economics.  When you improve upon a product, you increase the demand thus raise the price.  Several statistics consistently show that staging has an impact on price and demand.  In a poll by Maritz Research, over 1/3 of buyers were willing to pay more money for a home that was move-in ready.  In another Royal LePage House Staging Poll (conducted by Maritz Research) revealed that 36% of potential buyers said that they would be willing to pay a premium for a home with updated décor. Surprisingly, more men than women viewed décor as a necessity with 41% of men versus 30% of women claiming they were willing to pay a premium for this feature even though they understood they were not buying it!  A better price for the home should result in better commissions for you, as well as…

10. Gives You Happy Clients - .  In a NAR 2017 Profile of Sellers it was reported that over a quarter of seller’s MOST IMPORTANT EXPECTATION is that their real estate agent will sell the home WITHIN a specific time frame.  In today’s market, that’s not an easy task among the many homes available UNLESS your listings stand out with staging.  A faster sale for the best price will have clients singing your praises!  In a referral-based industry, happy clients mean more listings and the reward of a job well done.  The cost of staging is MUCH less than the first price reduction; so don’t disappoint your clients with that sad alternative.

11. Gives You MORE Listings – Why stop at ten when there are so many benefits to incorporating professional staging, the primary of which is more listings!  Happy clients talk and when 41% of sellers FIND their agents through referrals, expect more listings!  Incorporating a Professional Home Stager in your listing package gives you a HUGE competitive difference to the average real estate agent!  Imagine holding an open house in the home you’ve had professionally staged and letting potential buyers who walk through the home know you hire a staging professional as part of your listing package.  Buyers recognize a home that has been beautifully prepared to sell and will want the same for their own home!  

I offer several affordable Realtor Partnership Packages to choose from.  Contact me today for details.