About Us

Donna Nottoli

I have worked in the field of new home construction, home staging, and design for many years.   My late husband, Joe, was a builder and we owned our own home building company in North Carolina.  I managed our design center and helped our clients choose all of the components of the homes they hired us to build, from brick, siding, and shutters to cabinetry, flooring, and granite.

I decorated the model home we worked out of and staged all of our inventory homes to ensure that they would sell as quickly as possible.  I am a true believer in the power of home staging!

In July, 2015, Joe had a sudden heart attack at age 44 that took his life.   Running our home building company without Joe proved to be way too much for me to handle, so I made the difficult decision to close the doors in 2016.  

Forced to re-invent myself, I decided to get my real estate license because it seemed like a logical ‘next step.’  After a few months in general brokerage, I realized that was not the long-term career path I wanted to be on, but I knew I wanted to remain in the real estate industry because I love the idea of ‘Home’ and all that it represents.  

After doing some soul-searching, I soon realized that I didn’t have to stop doing the things I loved when I worked alongside Joe – I would just be doing them in a different way on my own now.

‘Belle Maison’ is French for ‘Beautiful Home.’  Creating beautiful spaces is my passion.  In staging, I create beautiful spaces that buyers aspire to live in.  In design, I create beautiful spaces my clients will love coming home to.  

Today, I count my blessings knowing that I get to wake up each morning and have another opportunity to do what I love.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you or your clients with your next home staging or design project.

Kris Bhend

I grew up in Arkansas and both of my parents were in the real estate field.  My mom was a real estate agent and my dad built houses. My favorite part of family vacations was always visiting different houses and mansions. To this day it is actually the first thing my girls and I do when we get to a new city.


I love architecture of all types. I've designed 5 houses and built 5 houses for my family to live in through the years.  (In one home, I ordered a restored door from England and designed my house around it because I like mixing the old with the new.)  I have always had a passion for design, (especially color), and have helped friends and family stage, decorate, and design their dream homes.  I’ve also flipped houses.


I moved to Fort Mill in July, 2017 from Joplin, Missouri.  Soon after, I met Donna (my neighbor!) and we quickly realized we share the same passion for design.  I love helping others by making their houses into homes unique to them, or getting their homes ready to sell quickly so they can move onto their next stage of life. 


I’ve been married for 21 years and have two girls, 18 and 16.  I love the Fort Mill/Charlotte area and have enjoyed exploring the South since I’ve lived here