Realtor Services

As a successful real estate agent, you know that you’re not just selling a listing.  You’re selling a vision and a dream that home buyers can aspire to and live in.  

Every buyer has a vision of what they want for their family, and they’re looking for that special place that will fulfill that vision.  As a professional home stager, I understand this, and I partner with agents to stage homes so they can be photographed and marketed to their best potential.

I am an expert in using what your clients already have to transform their spaces into what buyers are looking for.

I work with your clients’ budgets to make the grand that much more spectacular, and the unattractive and ordinary..... extraordinary.  Because only 1 out of every 10 buyers can visualize the potential in a home, I leave nothing up to their imagination.


I know that your clients are important to you, so I specialize in phrasing my staging ideas in tactful and sensitive ways, helping them understand that it is no longer about their personal, beloved home, but about making the fastest sale and most money from their most valuable commodity.

Knowing that over 90% of buyers are online first without ever looking at houses, I help you stand out online with model-quality, professionally staged rooms.  I can also take professional-quality photos for you immediately after I stage your listing so that you don't have to hire a separate photographer.   As a licensed Realtor myself, I'm able to access homes, saving you the time and inconvenience of meeting me at the property.


I am here to make my agent partners look fantastic so that you can stand out from the crowd, sell your listings quickly, and make more money.  Contact me today to learn more.